An intro to sexuality

1. Masturbation – is a  good assumption for sex. One of the most widespread opinion that masturbation serve as sex with a spouse or partner, is basically wrong. It says sexual issues specialist from Germany Heike Pinne.sexuality

In her view, sexual self-gratification provides an ideal opportunity for both women and men to look into the secrets of his body, to find out their sexual desires and fantasies, but by no means sex life with a partner or spouse substitute.

Sexuality, by the experience with other people, is the smallest of our sexual parts of the world, – convinced Specialist. – Understanding the desires of the body, which lies jausmingiausios, sexually attractive place, is important for good sex with a partner assumption.

2. Masturbation men caused by other sexual fantasies than women. Sexual self-gratification 87 percent of men and 69 percent of women causes sexual fantasies. These figures by famous German journalist, blogger and author of books on topics of sex Arne Hoffmann.
3. Face grant, what thoughts masturbating hovers a woman or a man in mind. Website “Beautiful Agony” has created a video project in which users can be submitted video tapes, which perpetuate their faces during orgasm. Others pay to see it.

Project developers wanted to show that sexual self-gratification help to climb up to the highest peak of bliss. This is primarily reflected in the face.

4. Masturbation is not just a men’s “territory.” Sexual self-gratification is often presented as a tool for men who do not have the patience, you would again be able to enjoy sexual pleasures.

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